Inktober Adventure.

To while away the time until Nano, I jumped into an art challenge called “Inktober”. A bit late, what with half the month already gone, but what the hay, eh. Anyway, I’ve done the first three prompts this weekend.

#1- Swift. When I think of the word swift, squirrel comes to mind. I sit on our front stoop and watch the squirrels as they shake a branch and then scramble down the side of the tree to capture the nuts. Then, they scramble again to bury it under a different tree. Repeating the process, nut after nut, after nut. So, here’s my squirrel…

#2- Divided. To be honest, I had some difficulty with this prompt. Too many cliche images in my mind. At the same time, I was surfing through my sketch book and came upon this one (yep, I cheated) that seemed to jump out at me. Divided into it’s individual strands, a rope is weak, easily unraveled, or broken. But, when woven, twisted, braided, the rope become strong… much stronger in fact. This is an anchor rope on a ship I visited. The squared braiding really caught my eye.

#3- Poison. This one was way to easy peasey. So many images come to mind, so little time to draw. So, I went with a quick chemistry experiment. Sorry for the lack of quality with this one. It was drawn in the little 8.5x10ish sketcher I keep in the glove compartment of the car. Drawn while waiting for Hubby to come out from work last eve, 5 minutes tops.


Got it!


A few of my cast of characters for this year’s Nano! Someone, hearing that I was using clowns, asked if I was ‘mentally unstable’ or something. Well, isn’t everyone who tortures themselves with Nano a bit on the ‘mentally unstable’ side, eh? I figure clowns got to have dreams and inspirations, too, elsewise how could they be so happy (or sad) all the time. All joking, and clown analogies aside, it’s been a good week as far as shoring up things for Nano.

  1. I have at least a dozen character profiles to choose from. Drawing inspiration from the world around me. I may actually sketch-up a few of the characters.
  2. I have a setting. To be honest, I have a whole town up and ready to go. I’m calling the town ‘Trashcan’ at the moment and will probably give it a ‘real’ name later. I also plan to include some illustrations along the way, if I have time. “Inktober” is helping in this inspiring arena.
  3. I have a ‘crisis’ of sorts devised to play out within a plotline that is quickly coming into shape. There are actually possibly two crisis that run parallel to one another. I like working with multiple plotlines that end up converging in the end, so we’ll see how it goes.
  4. Genre— well, got it narrowed to two general ideas, but we’ll wait to decide distinctly after the real writing begins.

Also, on the upside, I have done a few brainstorm/word sprint writes to get the juices flowing. Now, if I could just get my hands not to hurt so much. At the rate I’m going, with the fall chill virtually locking up my fingers, I’ll be lucky to top 10k this year.

That’s where I’m starting this week…


Consider this… (3 min word sprint)

One of the best ways I find to get the juice flowing is through inspiration… for me, that’s little brainstorming sessions, only 3 minutes. No holds barred, just pen to paper, or fingers to keys as the case may be. I usually use a photo to start. For this one, I found this desolate little snow covered bench out at It’s free for use, and there’s a seemingly endless supply of photos to choose from. So, with my pic on screen, paper and pencil in hand, I started to write. The end result a pretty bleak scene with conversation between two characters. Is it worth much in the grand scheme? Most likely not. Most likely will never make it into the story. That wasn’t the purpose. The purpose was simple to get something down on paper. So, I hope you enjoy the scene below the pic.


Boboli stepped out into the freezing wind and coughed as the cold air burned her lungs. She pulled her muffler closer and set out across the snow-covered commons to where a lone figure huddled on a bench by the fountain.

‘Gringo? What are you doing out here? You’re going to freeze to death.’ She spoke loudly to be heard over the wind. Gringo didn’t answer. In fact he gave absolutely no indication that he even knew that she was present.

‘Gringo!’ She touched his shoulder.

‘Huh!’ Gringo jolted. ‘I came out to be alone.’

‘It’s too cold out here.’ She reprimanded him.

‘It’s just right, right here.’ He shook his head. The stark cold fit his current mood quite well…cold and desolate. He didn’t want to be around anybody right now.

She mumbled as she shoved her hands back into her pockets to still their shaking. It was definitely too cold out here. ‘So, what are you thinking about?’

‘Have you ever considered it?’ He asked.

‘Considered what?’ She followed his eyes to the empty fountain.

‘This.’ He waved his hand, gesturing to the snow covered landscape.

‘It’s cold, wet, and strangely appealing. So, what’s the deal here? Are you spacing out on me?’

‘Nothing. No. Just this.’ He waved his hand again as he rose from the bench. ‘I’m going for a walk. Please, don’t feel obligated to follow.’


Author’s Additional notes:

I think for the blog here I shall use clowns as the characters, each with it’s own personality. To that end, Boboli Jeeger is the main female character. Gringo is one of the male characters. There will be others come along the way, I’m sure.


Boboli Jeeger = A happy go-lucky, cheerful sort of clown.

Gringo = A “Groucho Marx” type clown, sad face to match sad attitude.


Okay, so I’m off doing some little word plays, just warming up for the big show in November. I find this practice helps me to get into a ‘groove’ before the madness turns to chaos. So, I sit down with a three minute timer and just write. It doesn’t have to be anything special. I don’t worry about grammar, content, etc. I just write. Afterwards, I go back and see if anything is salvageable. So, this morning’s little write got me a snippet of a scene….

‘Our quarters?’ She dared to ask.

‘Gone.’ He pointed down to the end of the corridor to a shaft of light beyond a missing door.

The loss was difficult to comprehend. The government that was sworn to protect the children had, in the end, been the ones to destroy this haven. None of it made sense. She sniffled, swiping a hand across damp cheeks. Without words, the held each other and mourned.


…So, what do you think? Keeper? Pitch it? Tweak it?



Hello, and Welcome…

Hello, and welcome to the world of Boboli. This blog has been set up to support this year’s National Novel Writing Month (Nano) writing challenge of 5oK words in 30 days. You are welcome to follow the journey from a blank screen to a completed rough draft of a book (hopefully).

Are we ready, yet?


It is less than a month away from Nano this year, and I’m hardly prepared for the onslaught of writing frenzy. Today, I focused on getting email account, and this blog up and running. That’s the first step every year.

So, now, it’s onto important things… Do I have paper/pencils/flash drives? Check! Well, that’s about all I have ready.  Deep breath. Now, to choose a genre… or, maybe just wait and let the story tell me what genre it wants to be… yeah, that seems like a ‘doer’. Okay, so what’s my setting? who are my characters? What kind of issue/trouble/conflict is there going to be? Ach, but I haven’t a clue at this point.  Will I need to do any research? Probably. What kind of research I really don’t know; at least, not until I can decide on what’s going to be needed to push the plot. Oh, heavens to betsy, I don’t have a plot, either! Ach, but I better get that ole whip cracking!

Off I go, now, in search of a plot….